Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Treasure Hunting...

I get up at the crack of dawn most Saturday mornings, dress, throw on a hat to cover my bed head and join my grandfather and great aunt for some serious garage sales.
We start out by getting a newspaper and going over the sale ads with a keen eye, intent on getting to the best ones first. As the navigator I carefully mark each one we want to hit and cross out the ones that are a few days old or out of town. Then I grab a GPS and program the first one in, yes, the GPS is a life saver even in a small town!

Then we grab a cup of hot coffee and tart out. I try to make sure we stay on course for the most part, though there are stops here and there for sales not marked in the paper. And each one of us has our own treasures to hunt for, mine of course is beads and jewelry.

I look for new and for old, with the mind to re-create something out of it all. There' really not much that you cannot find at a garage sale really, I've come across polished gem stones, vintage Lucite beads of every color, and more! It makes the imagination run wild with possibilities and not only is it a great way to get beads and supplies for a low cost but it's also very Green as you're recycling the old to make new.

And trust, the beads, findings, chain and other misc. supplies I've gotten really add up. If you're going to sell what you end up making it makes for a great profit! I once sold a bracelet that I had made from my garage sale stash for $10, nearly pure profit as other than the wire & crimp beads it cost less than $2 to make.

I think that the added bonus for me however is spending the time with grandfather and aunt, it's always a great day even if we don't find anything!

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