Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st Time Beading

Nearly 5 years ago I came upon my first ever bead store. I was vacationing with some family in San Diego, CA and from out hotel we could walk to the beach or to some shops and restaurants depending on what we were in the mood for.
On one such walk I saw this store that I was drawn into by the jewelry displays in the window, and I can't remember the name but at the time thought it was rather catchy. I thought that I would find a treasure trove of jewelry perfect for my limited budget...
When I walked into the store I was actually taken back however, and completely confused. Why were all these strands hanging on the walls without any clasps? And what in the world is a 'bead board' and why would I want to gather loose gem stones onto it?
I had no idea that what I had jut walked into would turn out to be my life's dream several years later.

In fact it was about 3 years later that my grandmother and I were wondering around Wal-Mart when we passed by the Crafts and she turned to me and said that I hould learn how to make jewelry since I loved to buy it all the time.
We walked over to the jewelry section and once again, I was way out of my element but willing to give it a try. My grandmother grabbed a tool kit for me and I picked out two different kits to try out.
I went home that night and when I realized that the kits really hadn't provided me with any directions I turned to the ever trusty Internet and found all sorts of tips, instructions, videos, and more. With their help I stayed up until I had made six pairs of earrings.

My loops were far from perfect, I couldn't begin to imagine a wrapped loop and using the crimping pliers was a disaster! But I was hooked, and I have been since.
To me beading is therapy and I am totally addicted to it!

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